Stealth Wallwasher


The Billet Stealth product is a natural expansion of the indirect performance optics range developed by Bold to enhance visual comfort. The Stealth offers an outstanding wallwash illumination with virtually zero glare. The outstanding uniformity of the wallwash effect translates in a 3:1 max. to min. illumination ratio. Its 100% indirect light optic ensures a complete shielding of its light source. This proprietary optic allows a vertical illumination starting at the Zero point of the fixture while maintaining a flush position of the optic.  
Stealth offers a minimalistic aesthetic with its 1” continuous slot and the ability to have the flush light shield and the interior of the fixture in various finishes and colors to match any required surface. This proprietary optic promotes humancentric lighting with its glare-free attributes and its ability to mix colors perfectly, allowing tunable white and dim to warm applications.


  • Luminous Output: from 214 to 1063 lumens per foot
  • Available Color Temperatures (CCT): 2700K - 3000K - 3500K - 4000K - Tunable White (2700K-5000K)2 - Dim to Warm (1800K-3000K)3
  • Standard CRI +80 and High CRI +90
  • Dimming Protocol: 0-10V - ELV - DALI - DMX - Lutron Hi-Lume
  • Standard Finishes: Black - Grey - White - Custom RAL colors
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • 2 Denotes warm dim (W) output at 3000K, +90CRI.
    3 Denotes tunable white (T) output at 5000K, +80CRI.
Stealth Wallwasher
Photometric data: Type C Polar Curves
Stealth Wallwasher


Maximum allowed voltage drop is 3V