SCAD Forty Residence Hall

LocationAtlanta, Georgia
ArchitectMackey Mitchell | Lamar Johnson Collaborative | SCAD Design Group
Market SectorStudent Housing
Electrical EngineerPower Design Engineering (PDI)
Related ProductCosmos

SCAD 40 residence hall located on the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design, encompasses student living at its best.
The talented designers of Mackey Mitchell, along with Lamar Johnson Collaborative and SCAD Design Group, actively created modern and colorful student living spaces, in addition to a plethora of amenities and gathering spaces. The design invites students to collaborate artistically and thrive socially in this open and energetic environment.

Our Solution

SCAD came to the table with a very specific aesthetic and budget for the apartment style living quarters of their new residence hall. After reviewing numerous products, the SCAD design team chose Bold’s 32” illuminated disk for its ‘look’, installation solution, and budget friendly price tag.

Outside of aesthetic and price, the biggest challenge the design team faced was the placement of the integrated junction boxes in the prefabricated ceiling slabs and the lumen output required for the application. For a clean and purposeful installation, the fixtures needed to be centered in the space. However, because of the prefabricated slabs, several junction boxes ended up off-center in the rooms. The solution was to provide an illuminated circular disk, large enough in diameter to allow adjustment in positioning, while covering the junction box, and remaining visually centered in the space. The next challenge was to find a circular fixture that had enough output to meet the required illumination levels without excessive glare. With more than 5,000 delivered lumens and an illumination surface of 32” in diameter, Bold Lighting’s Cosmos Disk was the obvious solution and only product able to check the boxes of cost, installation, performance, and aesthetic.