Fields Good Chicken at 599 Lexington Avenue, New York City

LocationNew York City, New York
Market SectorRetail
Related ProductSPECTER

Bold’s SPECTER system was chosen to highlight the newest Fields Good Chicken on Lexington Avenue. Owner, Fields Failing, converted his passion for the crispy bird into a booming business with six locations across New York City. The best chicken in town deserves to be in the spotlight, and Bold’s newest track system provided the illumination required to make it shine.

For this location, Hungry Studio was tasked with giving the brand some pizzaz and eliminating the mindset of chicken being an unhealthy fuel source. In addition to elevating the brand to new standards, the company has also elevated their dedication to Mother Earth. Fields Good Chicken is 100% wind-powered and designed with sustainably sourced wood and stone.

Our Solution

Bold Lighting’s SPECTER, magnetic track system, was chosen to highlight the art, retail, and visual graphics in this flagship store. SPECTER allows the end user to easily move and change the light fixtures as needed for new displays or seating arrangements; A powerful tool for any retail space. The Snoot trackheads were specified for their combined sleek/minimalistic look, and overall superior performance. All trackheads can adjust in tilt from 0° to 90° and offer a full rotation of 360°. Added to its high-precision optics, the Snoot cylinder trackhead accommodates a variety of glare control devices to offer ultimate visual comfort. The result was an extremely user-friendly track system with visually sleek lines and the performance required to highlight the crispiest bird in the city.