Snoot 1 Zoomable Curve

Our Magnetic track system, SPECTER, is a highly configurable, 2 circuits, 24VDC low voltage track system. Thanks to its magnet mounting technology, the modules are inter-changeable instantaneously. Our track is avalable in ceiling pendant, surface and recessed mounting for both ceiling and walls. SPECTER track is also available with an optional linear uplight feature.

The snoot module complements the SPECTER range with a minimalistic cylinder track-head equipped with a wide range of optics and optical accessories allowing professional scenography lighting.


  • Up to 1145 lm delivered output
  • Available in 1 diameter size 2.2"
  • Various optical accessories available such as beam shaping lenses and Honeycomb louvers
  • Beam options, narrow, medium, flood and wide Fixtures designed to mount in SPECTER track 
  • Available in 2 standard finishes: Black and white

  • Notes: Available dimming 0-10V and DALI
Snoot 1 Zoomable Curve
Photometric data: Type C Polar Curves
Snoot 1 Zoomable Curve


Maximum allowed voltage drop is 3V