Drop Dot Linear Standard

SPECTER magnetic track system offers unlimited design configurations across both the horizontal and vertical planes of a space. SPECTER’s minimal profile can extend continuously through spaces creating a sleek and visually discreet slot which blends into the environment. The magnetic properties of the system allow fixtures to be installed, moved, and removed with ease while still maintaining a secure magnetic adhesion. SPECTER track is compatible with a range of fixtures, including accents, wallwashers, general illumination, and pendants, providing specifiers with maximum design flexibility.

The Drop module is a semi-recessed fixture with wide range of optics allowing for the illumination of both horizontal and vertical planes. Drop is available with an Opal Lens, Low Glare Baffles, and Wallwash optics making it highly versatile. The Drop Dot modules allow lighting designers, interior designers, and architects to select specific distributions according to the needs of the space. The low glare optics provide outstanding visual comfort, making this fixture ideal for any environment, including office spaces.


  • Up to 1900lm delivered output
  • Standard Size: 12”
  • Available with Low Glare Baffles
  • Standard Optics: 12° - 24° - 36°
  • Available Color Temperatures (CCT): 2700K - 3000K - 3500K - 4000K
  • Standard CRI +8 and High CRI +90
  • Fixtures designed to mount in all SPECTER tracks
  • For fixture dimming refer to track driver specifications1
  • Available in 4 standard finishes: Black - White - Silver - Bronze
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • 1 Dimming options, 0-10V, ELV and DALI
Drop Dot Linear Standard
Photometric data: Type C Polar Curves
Drop Dot Linear Standard


Maximum allowed voltage drop is 3V