David Yurman Flagship Store

The triple-story David Yurman Flagship store on 57th Avenue proudly sits amongst the world’s most recognizable and haute designer flagships. Located between the famed Madison and 5th Avenues, the DY57 store epitomizes the luxury of the brand while allowing clients to intimately experience the heritage and history of David Yurman’s journey to the top.

Hoping to spatially capture the brand’s journey from art to jewelry, Evan Yurman collaborated with Gabellini Shepherd Associates to carefully curate a space where personal touches integrate with modern design to infuse the environment with the family’s artistic heritage. The unique interior finishes, combined with furnishings and art from the family’s personal connection, provide a visual representation of the brand’s evolution from past to present.

"I look at this store as an extension of a piece of jewelry that I might create. Something both familiar and modern."- Evan Yurman

David Yurman Flagship StoreDavid Yurman Flagship StoreDavid Yurman Flagship Store


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