Multi - 3 reflectors


The Eclipse is an adjustable downlight which optimizes the use of indirect illumination to provide exceptional performance. The hidden light source is collimated by the upper reflector and precisely projected back downward. The tilt adjustment of the beam in any direction is achieved by simply moving the reflector orbitally around the hidden source.
This innovative approach to performance lighting provides a much-needed glare-free, yet powerful lighting tool. The design was meticulously crafted for precise optics, outstanding beam control, quiet aesthetics, and maximum adjustability. Eclipse is capable of providing up to 45° of tilt and 360° of rotation, allowing for a seamless transition from the horizontal to the vertical plane. Eclipse is Bold’s newest star and is truly in a class of its own.


  • Delivered Output:
    • Standard – 900 lumens total
    • High Output – 1500 lumens total
  • Each reflector can be individually aimed
  • Completely glare free with 100% reflected light
  • Adjustable beam tilt up to 45° in any direction (360°)
  • Adjustable beam spread from 15° to 35° and 35° to 50°
  • Standard Finishes: Black – White – Silver - Bronze
  • 5-year limited warranty
Multi - 3 reflectors
Photometric data: Type C Polar Curves
Multi - 3 reflectors


Maximum allowed voltage drop is 3V