L6 Kick reflector

The L6 (formerly U60) Kick-Reflector wallwash has been designed to provide flawless light distribution across vertical surfaces. The discreet reflector has a powerful throw which allows light to start at the ceiling plane. In addition to adding to its performance, the kick reflector also minimizes the aperture size, thus reducing the luminous surface. Where most wallwashers have sight lines to the 'line of light', Vice's Kick-Reflector Wallwasher sits quietly in the ceiling without direct views to the light source. This fixture beautifully illuminates the space without bringing attention to the object doing the illuminating.


  • Width 2.4”
  • Standard Nominal Length: 12” - 24” - 36” - 48” - 60” with continuous runs and custom configurations available
  • Mounting: Recessed Trimless - Recessed with Trim - Recessed Millwork - Surface Mount - Pendant
  • Available in IP55
  • Delivered Luminous Output: 275 - 1050 lumens per foot
  • Available Color Temperatures (CCT): 2700K – 3000K – 3500K – 4000K – Dim to Warm (3000K – 1800K)
  • Standard CRI +80 and High CRI +90
  • Light Distribution: Wallwasher
  • Standard Finishes: White – Black - Grey - Custom RAL color
  • Dimming Protocols: 0-10V – ELV – DALI - DMX
L6 Kick reflector
Photometric data: Type C Polar Curves
L6 Kick reflector


Maximum allowed voltage drop is 3V