H6 Direct/Indirect

H6 is a highly versatile Direct / Indirect profile that offers a high output luminous flux with a wide range of optical permutations. It uses the same high performance optics available in the L6, covering a wide range of applications. The opal diffuser offers powerful lighting and excellent light transmission with high diffusion. The diamond-like prism lens provides a high efficiency solution for ambient lighting with great glare reduction and superior vertical/horizontal illumination. The Batwing linear lens provides an exceptional homogeneous distribution of light over horizontal surfaces, ideal for office spaces. The Elliptical Narrow Lens scores a very high output, making it ideal for high ceiling lighting applications. The L6 symmetrical baffles are designed to offer a low glare ambient lighting. Optimal for office Lighting and other spaces requiring low surface and source luminance.


  • Ambient lighting product with extruded aluminum body
  • Finishes in black smooth, white smooth, grey smooth, black textured, white textured and custom colors upon request
  • Used in indoor environments, pendant from stone, concrete, metal or wood surfaces
  • Width of 4 7/8”, height of 2 5/8” and length ranging from 300 to 3000mm with an increment of 300mm
  • Available Color temperatures (CCT): 2,700K - 3,000K - 3,500K - 4,000K and tunable white (2,200K - 5,000K) and warm dimming (1,800K - 2,780K)
  • Color rendering index CRI 80+ and CRI 90+
  • The linear lenses (Opal - Batwing - Elliptical Narrow and Symmetrical Baffles) for direct emission, offers powerful lighting and excellent light transmission with high diffusion and homogeneity
  • The indirect optic has two options: either a PMMA opal or a Batwing lens depending on the ceiling height from luminaire. When used for indirect lighting, the Batwing lens provides great coverage with minimal distance from the ceiling and the opal offers perfect Lambertian distribution for a soft light effect
H6 Direct/IndirectH6 Direct/Indirect
Photometric data: Type C Polar Curves
H6 Direct/Indirect H6 Direct/Indirect H6 Direct/Indirect


Maximum allowed voltage drop is 3V